Wheelhouse Productions is a new, Paris-based company, specializing in European Feature films and TV and run by a highly experienced producer, Matthew Gledhill. The company reflects the unique set of skills and contacts of its head producer. Until recently Matthew was Senior Vice President, International Production, at Studiocanal. Prior to that he was co-director of One World Films, where he produced movies such as LOIN DES HOMMES (Far From Men), starring Viggo Mortensen, THE WAR OF THE BUTTONS, and GAINSBOURG, (VIE HÉROÏQUE), by Joann Sfar.

Matthew Gledhill – Producer

Wheelhouse productions prides itself on high-level, hands on film-making, a skill made available through servicing for foreign companies in France, across Europe and even Australia, where Wheelhouse has a subsidiary. The company also boasts strong relationships with talent based in Los Angeles and London due to its head producer’s studio experience.